Dec 12, 2010

cold blooded

When I originally started drafting this post, it was debilitatingly hot in Melbourne. The kind of weather in which walking to the shop to buy an ice cream is the most activity you can manage. It reminded me of when I was in Perth at the start of the year, walking slowly and stopping often in an attempt to deal with the heat (the sunshine and blue skies were appreciated, it was just soooo hot). At the time I was listening to The XX and thinking how something about their music made me think of icy coolness. And I got to thinking about it again, feeling hot and sticky in Melbourne, listening to Fever Ray. Somehow, her songs are arctic and chilly to me. Am I insane? Probably. But I still feel refreshed after listening to them. Also, as if to punish me for whingeing, at the time I finish up this post, Melbourne is cold and showery. Go figure. Does anyone have any good warm-up song suggestions?

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