Mar 15, 2009

Wooster Collective: pushing all my buttons

On Wooster today: these...

(London-based graffiti artist Word to Mother, artist pic from WTM's gallery's website,


(Sam Spenser, 'Umbrella Bloom')


...PLUS a short n' sweet but nonetheless thoughtful piece on the way the GFC is affecting artists, galleries, and art prices.
I have done a little rummaging of le interwebs because the Sam Spenser piece leaves me very curious indeed. It turns out that it is from 2007, and was comissioned by the french champagne company, Veuve Clicquot to celebrate 120 years of its signature yellow colour. The exhibition was called "Yellow Since 1887," and is described in a little more detail in this times online article. I like the author's acknowledgement that while it is not always ideal to see corporate interests driving creative endeavour, such arrangements can still lead to interesting and thoughtful art. More images of Umbrella Bloom, this time stolen from flickr user warholuva via All the yellowey goodness makes me feel awfully positive about autumn approaching.

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