Jul 24, 2009

Meanwhile, in Melbourne, I....

1. Finally put all my very favourite clippings onto twp pinboards. Organised AND inspired, what a combo.
2. Basked in the sun at Systems Garden, Melbourne Uni
3. Was captivated by end of semester art installations, Melbourne Uni.
4. Took sneaky mannequin pics at Portmans (more to come on my mannequin obesession soon).
5-6. Snapped an Armadale afternoon (I am also obsessed with laundromats. Hmm. It appears June was quite the month for idiosyncrasies).
7. Spotted Mr Hendriz hiding out in Windsor.
8. Enjoyed the glow outside Hawksburn station. Finishing work early rocks my world.
9-12. Snapsnapsnapped the ' Light in Winter' installation in Fed Square. By British art collective UVA.

1 comment:

Corinne said...

I heart mannequins too!

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