Oct 27, 2009

Plastic fantastic

Oh little Holga, I love you so. May you never leave my side. Pics 1-6 are cross processed slide film, which is why all the colours are all craazy. The film photography addiction is steadily worsening. Or getting better, depending which way you're looking at it.

PS: despite appearences, I am not in fact dead. I have been to Ricky Swallow twice now, and am dying to post something intelligent and eloquent which sums up how I felt about the exhibition. But the problem is Ricky Swallow's art is so mind bending, so intricate, that it demolishes any foolish attempts at eloquence. I am thinking the third trip may be the charm. Hopefully by then my fangirl heart won't be fluttering so much.

1 comment:

Lael said...

oh, I love your Holga shots! i never expected the name Holga to gain such an affectionate place in my heart as it has :)

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