Feb 17, 2010

One week; three cameras. Part One: digital

Yes, that's right, I took not one, not two, but three cameras with my on my holiday to Perth. In my defense, the third - and the largest of the three - was loaned to me in the hopes that I could, through using it, diagnose why its owner had managed to shoot an entire roll of photos with a black haze over them. Ten seconds on Google and a PDF manual later, I had indeed diagnosed the problem, and the Pentax MZ-50 and I got along swimmingly. These shots however, are from my little Nikon digital camera, which at present is not getting along with me well at all. Allegedly it has been suffering from a lens error ever since I got back from Rottnest Island. I am in somewhat of a state of denial about said failure, and am hoping that little Nikon will get its groove back of its own accord. Meanwhile, I am snapping away on film cameras, and thanking my lucky stars that I had the extreme foresight to take multiple cameras on holiday. Ha!



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