Apr 1, 2010

speaking of leaves...

Way back when I first started this blog, I posted about illustrator Christoph Neiman and his blog for the New York Times, Abstract City. His illustrations take the form of themed series, and his use of unusual materials (coffee, power cords, lego, woven paper) makes his work witty, surprising and enjoyable. This time it's with autumn leaves, in the series Biodiversity. I think the walnut is my favourite. How about you?


Nika D. said...

Ohmygod this made my day xD
I love the poplar and unpoplar. Gotta love Christoph Neiman's wit and creativity.

Amelia said...

Glad to hear it Nika! I kind of can't help smiling whenever I look at Christoph's series. The one about his sons and the subway is hillarious, but you've gotta take the time to read all the captions

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