May 6, 2010

your everafter

A Love Letter For You  is a project created by artist Steve Powers, entailing series of fifty sign-writing inspired murals running along a train line in Philadelphia. Ex-graffiti artist Powers began the project by putting out an open call for people's thoughts on the rewards and complexities of relationships. Now, I like to think of myself as fairly no-nonsense and unromantic, but even I can't resist the sentiment here. Plus there's all that juicy typography to boot.

Posts about the murals have been floating around the net for a while now, so apologies if you've seen this all before - frankly, given how cute the whole project is, I just couldn't resist sharing. I am feeling pretty worn out from an excessive combination of work and study at the moment, so the thought of having my morning commute pepped up by these babies is appealing to me in a very big way. Take note, Melbourne (well, I guess we do have Crateman...maybe I just need to spend more time west of the city...).


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