Nov 24, 2010

Oh yeah, I like to take photos...

Somehow inbetween thesis writing sessions, I did actually take some photos. I took forever and a day to scan them, so some of these are from early on in the year. But that's part of the beauty of film photography, right? You forget about that roll of film, sitting undeveloped in the drawer, and the prints are a happy surprise.

These were taken on various occasions in various places, from April to June. Given that it's now November, there are clearly many more to come.


PeKu said...

I love Your photos! Thank You:) for You and for solstice: (my diary). by

Anonymous said...

I love your photography. The colors, the angles, the artistic perspective you have is amazing. Bless you, and I wish you the best of futures. Never give up on what you love, on your passion.

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