Dec 16, 2008


In exactly 20 days I will be heading here...

(Photo from Reuters via

...where record breaking bad winter weather has resulted in a state of emergency, with the Tiber river threatening to break its banks. The ABC reports that the river's level has risen by five metres in just two days, and most reassuring of all (not!), more storms are forecast. All I can say is that I'm crossing my fingers and toes for DRY weather over the next few weeks. A flooded Rome makes for a rather difficult month in the Eternal City -- especially considering the amount of walking we are scheduled to do. Somehow sheltering in the British School at Rome for four weeks just doesn't justify the course pricetag!

(Image from AFP via

Edit: I guess I should just consider myself lucky that I won't be in Venice (feeling especially sorry for the girl in the fifth picture!):

(These images from Article here)

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