Dec 18, 2008

Take that, Mr Hirst

"Art is Boring"

By Polish-based graffitti artist Peter Fuss. I like how the greys and blacks fit in to the bleakness of the industial Polish landscape, and the way the people photographed around the works seem not to notice them at all. Does a bleak life and/or environment condition you not to respond to art, or is it just that Fuss's works look too much like advertisements? Or are they too unexpected in this setting to even warrant a glance? I'm not sure, but I like him a lot. Here's some more:

"They are together because they don't want to be alone"
"He pays her bills. She cooks his dinners"

"This means love"
"This means peace"

By the way, if my post title doesn't make sense to you, the following images should help clarify.

Chlorprotamide, 1996

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