Apr 15, 2009

I want it...

I am always vaguely browsing for books which manage to combine a) photography and b) Italy, and today I found two. One in the flesh, and one on the world wide web. Can I have them both? Probably not. One? Maybe. Do they both make me feel like I really ought to stop window shopping and do something creative with my own photos of Italy? Absolutely.

Booklove number one, found at Greville St bookstore:

Andiamo: Capturing My Italy - Kelly Barber

This is a newly published, hardcover photoessay in the same vein as Carla Coulson's Italian Joy, which I have loved for a long time, and someday soon will finally bite the bullet and buy. Barber's photos are not quite as amazing and creative as Coulson's, but then again, Italy makes for some fine material, and I do have a bit of a thing for the word 'andiamo' (it means, roughly, "off we go!" and the story as to why I like it is too long and silly even for this blog).

Booklove number two, found on the world wide web:

The Doorbells of Florence: Fictional Stories and Photographs - Andrew Lowosky

This guy loves a story. There is even a story to the book itself (Losowsky has an author's blog on Amazon, and it's well worth a read) . And I like that its entirely amateur, unprompted, spontaneously inspired. Ahhhh Italy, and the fascinating details of everyday life. And photos. It's pretty much everything I like, wrapped up in a book, and though I really need to stop buying books, I may not be able to resist this one for long.

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