Sep 3, 2009

Firenze in the rain

Found in Florence in February (say that five times fast):
Fantastic street art; dodgy bagmen on the run; peace and quiet (and some gruesome remains!) at San Marco; crazy detail on the Duomo; rain aplenty atop it; lonely emo scribblers on the lantern; and, well, that Daaaavid guy. He seems to have an awful lot of doppelgangers...! One more post of Florentine fotos, then a quickie from Milan and we're done! Whew is an understatement!


Corinne said...

Hey, lonely emo scribblers are romantic!

Amelia said...

No, they are lameo fools desecrating a building which has had the dignity to stand for over 500 years. Some soppy fool with an oh-so-handy texta and an exaggerated sense for the dramatic. Bleugh. That said, I'm the one who spotted it, so I'm not much better.

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