Nov 13, 2009

So, I have a lot of 'meanwhiles'...

Meanwhile post numero uno, AKA 'the black and white one,' is embarassingly old. It dates from July and August (yes, July!) and features shots from This is Not a Design Market, and the Melbourne Open House, both of which took place as part of the 2009 Melbourne Design Festival. This is Not a Design Market most certainly WAS a design market, showcasing Melbourne's best undiscovered and up and coming jewelery, printmaking, fashion and homewares design. My faourites included book sculptor Nicholas Jones, jewellery designers Lola and Bailey, artist edition homewares brand Third Drawer Down, and the letterpress displays and prints from the Melbourne Museum of Printing.

Much to our dismay, the similarly awesome Melbourne Open House day took place at the same time as the market, leaving us precious little time to take advantage of it. MOH is an annual event held to coincide with the Design Festival, at which some of Melbourne's oldest and most beautiful private buildings open their doors to the public for a behind the scenes view of some of the city's most interesting architectural sights. We had time to see the State Library's Queens Hall, the dome reading room and the Athaneum library before MOH shut up shop for the day. Whew!




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