Nov 18, 2009

Where the little people live

I have had a link to London-based artist Slinkachu's blog in my sidebar for quite some time, yet have failed to explain just what it is he does, and just why I like his work so much. Slinkachu is difficult to categorise, in that, despite the city streets playing a vital role in his art (for Slinkachu's 'Little People,' the streets of London are the entire known universe), he doesn't fit the mold of street art as we know it. Where artists like Banksy, Blek le Rat and Shepard Fairey interact with the city in a bold, unmistakable way, Slinkachu invades the city in a way that is as subtle as it is clever.

Shot from closeup, Slinkachu's figures appear to fit with the landscape, but a longer shot reveals them to be miniatures, completely swamped by their surroundings. By playing with disparities in scale, Slinkachu addresses urban isolation and alienation, not to mention making wry commentary about the ammount of attention we pay to the very streets we walk on. A tiny revolution is taking place, but if you didn't know where to look, you could well be excused for missing it altogether.


All images from Slinkachu's blog

There is also a book, 'Little People,' which I am trying to convince myself I don't need. Needless to say, it's fantastic. Lastly, Slinkachu also keeps a collection of press clippings on a second blog, which is noteworthy solely for the reason that one of the clippings features the best headline I have ever seen. Pun perfection.

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