Jan 5, 2010

Another like

My mum tells me they are awfully uninteresting, but despite this, I have a bit of a thing for photos of people looking at art. They way everyone interacts with paintings differently, the way small details are noticed, examined, the way a large scale sculpture or installation can enter and alter a spectator's personal space. I only realised just how much I liked the people-looking-at-art shot several years after making my way around the Louvre and MuseƩ d'Orsay, but lucky for me, the talented Jen Gotch of my polaroid blog has some dreamy, light-filled shots of the Louvre. Meanwhile, I will make do with the (somewhat gloomy) NGV. Tant pis.

1, 2, 3, 4 from Jen Gotch's flickr set, april in paris.
5. John Brack at NGV Australia
6. The Satirical Eye at NGV International
7. 'The Italian Room,' NGV International
8. Bugatti Family at NGV International
9. Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller at ACMI

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