Jan 20, 2010

A belated goodbye to 2009

December was a very full month indeed. Staking out street art (these two by Miso), a day trip to Daylesford to reunite with some Rome-ey faces, a work christmas party complete with dad-jokes, an encounter with Mr Bond at Armadale station, and to cap it all of, a Day of the Dead themed New Year's Eve party, with discoball, smoke machine, multiple pinatas and a late night swim. Is it any wonder it's taken me so long to get around to putting these up? Ahhh December, will you ever cease to delight and exhaust me? No, most likely not.


Raquael said...

Just so you know I do read all your posts. December looks like a great month. Im jealous :)

Amelia said...

YAY! Hi Kell! I won't lie, sometimes blogging feels like talking to myself in a very big, empty room. The room is so big that I can't tell if there's someone at the other side of it, listening. Until they, like you just did, pop up. It's good to know I'm not talking to mysef :)

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