Mar 10, 2010

a crash course in art history...

...thanks to French-American band, Hold Your Horses! and their music video for the song 70 Million.

When I first read posts about this the cynic in me sneered a bit (and I'm sure there are a fair few arty farty purists who this clip will annoy in the extreme), but I bit the bullet and watched it, and oh boy am I ever glad I did. I am an art nerd, so to me art, though it is often to be taken seriously, can still equal fun, and not for a long time have I seen such a cute, giggle-inducing music video.

Normally I would just embed the video, but there are so many awesome and hillarious art-references in it (there is just something so SILLY about seeing Caravaggio's beheaded John the Baptist and David's dying Marat singing indie tunes) that you get screen grabs PLUS the video. Enjoy. 

Found via The Debonaire and

PS: Brownie points to whoever can identify each of the nine the famous paintings featured here.

1 comment:

zi said...

I would take on the challenge of naming each painting, but I read the original article and thus would be cheating.

Plus ... brownie points? No prize? Pfft ;)

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