Mar 4, 2010

in two parts - sydney style

the supporting structure, randwick, from 52 suburbs

Sydney photographer Louise Hawson is on a mission: To nose around one new suburb every week for a year, in search of the beauty in the 'burb. Beauty in this case meaning old, original, retro, rusty, repurposed, nostalgic...
Louise has spent the last seven or so months doing just that - finding beauty in unexpected places, and capturing the essence of each suburb. A weekly post on her blog 52 Suburbs documents her findings. Reoccuring themes include the diverse cultural makeup of each respective suburb, a plethora of architectural styles, and an eye popping dose of colour and patterns. Moreover, Louise makes clever use of the diptych format, pairing people and architecture, manmade and natural in a way that adds further meaning, gravity and humor to her already fantastic images.

Louise is now up to her 25th suburb, and let me tell you, the hardest thing about putting together this post was choosing a shortlist of images to include. As I rummaged through her archives, more and more beautiful photos jumped out at me. So, if like me, you find yourself captivated by the few images I've put together here, GO GO GO. Have a read of her recent posts, have a read of her archives. They are truly magnificent, and will make even the most observant of us (this means me!) feel like we have been walking around with blinkers on. Inspiration overload, and a reminder that you don't need to travel overseas to find beauty. It's right around the corner, in that suburb you speed through on the train to get to work, in the people that call it home. 

PS: Louise posts on Mondays. As far as I'm concerned, poring through a set of her images is a lovely way to start the week. Also, a 52 suburbs book is in the works. Doesn't it give you a bit of a warm fuzzy feeling when you see an awesome creative project taking flight? I'll certainly be heading to the bookshop, wallet in hand. If you can't wait for the book, and simply must have some 52 suburbs goodness in your hot little hand, Louise also has an etsy shop where she sells postcards featuring images from 52 suburbs. Lastly, a more in-depth interview about 52 suburbs can be found on the blog of interior design magazine Inside Out.

1. a seagull's worst nightmare, Brighton-Le-Sands
2. similar vintage, Glebe
3. heavenly light, Ingleside
4. ballet pink, Randwick 
5. wallpaper and tiles, Randwick 
6. bright sparks, Wahroonga
7. are my seams straight?, Wahroonga
8. pretty flash, Wahroonga
9. rose and hankie, Randwick 
10. hands on hips, Randwick
11. stairway to heaven, Brighton-Le-Sands
12. everyone's welcome, Randwick
13. i see a bridge in your shoes, Glebe
14. fly free, Clovelly 
15. patterns and colours, Cabramatta 
16. daily coffee, Liverpool 
17. love letters, Randwick
18. light is everything, Surry Hills
(click on the suburb to explore the rest of the post)


52 Suburbs said...

Thanks Amelia - looks great! Always interesting to see which images people choose as their favourites.
Louise, from 52 Suburbs

Amelia said...

indeed -- I'm sure everyone has their favourites. clearly that randwick post really struck a chord with me. I keep going back and looking at it again and again...I think it's the colours. looking forward to the next post!

zxw said...

Meelsy, I'd just like to point out that I am learning a fair amount from reading your posts and thoughts. Keep it up old friend!

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