Mar 25, 2010

diagonal lines and graphic design: rodchenko part 2

 Stairs//Young Pioneer
image credit: Artadox

“I want to take some quite incredible photographs that have never been taken before… pictures which are simple and complex at the same time, which will amaze and overwhelm people... I must achieve this so that photography can begin to be considered a form of art.”  
-- Alexander Rodchenko's diary, March 14, 1934 
[from Artadox]

Rodchenko's talents are not restricted to the photo-montages I posted about earlier in the month. No, that wouldn't be enough. The prodigious Russian artist was also a master photographer and graphic designer. I love his command of composition, his use of strong diagonals, almost to the point of geometric abstraction in a few of the photographs shown below. I could say more, but really, I think the work speaks for itself.

Part A: Photography

 image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Part B: Graphic Design

image credits: 1-3, 4

1 comment:

zi xin wong said...

I wonder what it says on the first picture of the graphic design bit. I've always known that there was an artwork that inspired Franz's (yeah, I'll shut up about them one day) album art for 'You Could Have It So Much Better' ... but it's good to be able to put a name to it.

A bit of wiki-ing tells me that the lady is a muse of Vladimir Mayakovsky, a poet and playwright in early 20th C Futurism.

Anyway, awesome post - reinforces the fact that I think graphic design could be something I would thoroughly enjoy as a career.

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