Mar 23, 2010

More goodness at Third Drawer Down: the green thumb edition

 Postcarden City, by Aimée Furnival

An equation for you: Postcard + garden = POSTCARDEN. Alterntively, a slightly simpler one: Third Drawer Down = AWESOME.

Not only do Third Drawer Down stock Melbourne's favourite limited edition, artist-designed teatowels and pillowcases, they also source arty, well designed goodness from all over the globe. Exhibit a: Vik Vidor's brilliant art print that I posted about earlier this month. Exhibit b: Postcarden, produced by Aimée Furnival of London's A Design Studio.

Postcarden is a creative combination of greeting and gift -- a pop up card that transforms into a mini garden. Each card comes with an inner growing tray, a packet of cress seeds and growing instructions. Frankly, I don't even posess a green fingernail, let alone a green thumb, but I think even I could manage to avoid killing cress. Plus I think it makes a great idea for city apartment dwellers who often have very little in the way of real, live green-ness around the house. 

Third Drawer Down only stock City, but there are in fact two more Postcardens: Allotment and Botanical. Making things even cooler, the exterior of the cards feature the work of up and coming illustrators Millie Harvey (City), Krista Nyberg (Botanical) and  Sophie Burdess (Allotment). Sadly, there is little to no information online about Aimée Furnival herself, but I imagine the person behind such a clever idea has many more projects in the pipeline.

1-3 Postcarden City
4-6 Postcarden Allotment
7-9 Postcarden Botanical

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EDIT: I just found a cute video of the Allotment Postgarden on the rather amazing blog, That [Unreliable] Girl, AND as it turns out it was added to YouTube by none other than Postcarden designer Aimee Furnival. Enjoy.

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